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A wedding is a ceremony or a knot where two people are united in a bond for the lifetime in marriage. The customs and traditions vary greatly between religions, countries, standards and social groups. Wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of marriage vows by the couple with the presentation of gifts which are offer ring as a symbol of marriage and engagement, flowers and money.
Special wedding garments or ethnic attires are often worn during the time of marriage and the ceremony is followed by a wedding planner or wedding reception.The most commonly incorporated activities in the ceremony are music, poetry, prayers or readings from religious texts or literature to bless the couple and as a symbol of joyfulness.
A wedding planner and Wedding Decorators in Noida are professionals who design, plans and manage client the wedding of the client without any single mistake or faults. Weddings are a significant and one-time event in people's life, therefore, couples are often willing to spend a considerable amount of money to make it a grand wedding and also ensure that their weddings are well-organized. Wedding planners work long hours and have little spare time available with them for sourcing and managing wedding venues.
We provide updated and enhanced services which can make a single marriage into grand marriage with elegant Indian wedding decoration, Ethnic symbols, Entrance, Food and Beverage, Palanquin, Chariot etc.

Our mission is strong with an aim to built each and every event a memory for a long time so that people can never forget its taste and always get enthusiasts after remembering the moment. Our theme decorators are creative, experienced and masters in each and every profile of event management as well as theme decoration.

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Our services are always at the peak which meets the desires of guest and clients at exclusively affordable prices.


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