Tent House

A Tent House is a shelter which is made up of fabric sheets and other draped over material which is attached to a frame of poles or with a supporting rope whereas, smaller tents may be free-standing or are attached to the ground and large tents are usually anchored with guy ropes which are tied to stakes. The tent houses were first used as portable homes by nomadic are now mostly it is used for camping, adventure and temporary shelters and sometimes also for the entertainment purpose.

Tents range in size from structures to structures and are big enough for one person to sleep in, up to huge tents like that of a circus which has the capability of seating thousands of people. Whereas, small tents are sufficiently light that they can also be carried for long distances depending on the size of the tent. Tents can usually be assembled or pitched in between 5 and 25 minutes and disassembly or striking takes a similar time span.

The people who are looking for tent services for any purpose can approach towards the services which are provided by Tent House in Noida

  • Private Party Catering
  • Niche Events Catering
  • Wedding Planning Service
  • Photography Service
  • Bonfire service
  • DJ Service

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